The Singapore-Japan Crossover Blog

Having, by now, spent half of my life in Singapore and another half of my life living in Japan, this blog documents my impressions of life and culture of two islands — one large (archipelago Japan) and one small (Singapore).

I grew up and worked in Singapore for the first half of my life, married my Japanese husband in a third country. And then we raised our children, mostly in Japan, but we also raised our two children for three years in Singapore.

In late November, during the coronavirus pandemic, I crossed back from Japan to live alone in Singapore again. Now beginning a new chapter of my life, I share my reverse cultural experiences, as well conversations with my children (and husband).

In this blog, I will be investigating the cultural differences between Singapore and Japan in many topics with my Singaporean-Japanese daughter native to Japan.

Unlike normal text based blogs, this blog takes the concept of “acknowledging cultural differences through daily text messaging”. Thus, it takes a very similar form of text messaging interfaces like Messenger or WhatsApp, etc..